Yoga training & EVENTS

We are regularly providing Yoga and Meditation classes to our fellow students .We mean good health and stress free mind of our fellow practitioners.Regular training makes the Yoga practitioner,flexible by body.

We have all kind of professionals as students,who are get trained from us and make themselves healthy and peaceful.We train professionals from different spectrum.Like.Health professionals,Doctors,Film,Fashion people,Celebrities ,Sportsmen,Corporate people and lot more.


We have mission to reach out Yoga to every part of world.As, the part of Goal.we do regular yoga events in various organizations.We are conducting Yoga karya shala in various district of Odisha now. Government is proactively,working to revive our ancient science and spread the voice worldwide.We are committed to spread the message to every corner of society.

We want to be flag bearer of this initiative and spread the message of Healthy lifestyle,Peaceful mind ans Spiritual Soul.

As we are primarily operating in Odisha as our headquarter and also conducting the Online Yoga classes to spread our Yoga styles and message of peace.Apart from that,we are moving to various part of province to educate people of all sections.