Discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquillity that is achieved through the three paths of action and knowledge and devotion is called yoga. 

Taking a little more simple view the system of physical, breathing and meditation exercises practised to promote control of body and mind is known as yoga. Perhaps we all know why yoga is so important for our everyday lifestyle, unhealthy lifestyle to be more specific that yields more problems. Yoga is an important part if you want to be healthy. 
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, but a healthy body needs exercise and a properly balanced diet. Do we do what not to make ourselves healthy? But nothing in my opinion is as effective as yoga. The craftsmanship of practising yoga makes a difference in controlling an individual’s intellect, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to realize a quiet body and intellect; it makes a difference oversee stretch and uneasiness and keeps you unwinding. It moreover makes a difference in expanding adaptability, muscle quality and body tone. 
Yoga’s joining of contemplation and breathing can offer assistance move forward a person’s mental well-being. Normal yoga hone makes mental clarity and calmness; increments body mindfulness; calms incessant stretch designs; unwinds the intellect; centres consideration; and hones concentration since they can offer assistance with the early discovery of physical issues and permit for early preventive action.”
Yoga ensures wellness as well as wellness. Yoga isn’t only a workout but a way to achieve peace through physical, mental and otherworldly well being.” “Peace and concordance are related to Yoga. Individuals over the world must hone it.”
Ganeswar Gochhikar is a renowned International Yoga Guru. He teaches Yoga worldwide. He has a follower throughout the globe. He was fascinated with Yoga practices since his childhood. He gives all credits to his Yoga Guru Shri Jambeswar Khuntia. Shri Khuntia founded the potential inside him and encourage him to practice yoga regularly. He has been doing yoga from age of 6. He was a very bright and progressive yoga student of Yoga Mandir(Puri), during his training. His talent wasn’t restricted to Puri(Land of Lord Jagannath) anymore. He got the opportunity to attend the  National level Yoga competition in Kolkota and won 2nd Position. This was a turning point in his life.
He won 1st position in various Yoga competitions. He had been Yoga champion in various district and state level Yoga companionship. He did his graduation in Yoga studies at NISA to develop his skills more. During his masters, He got the opportunity to go to Singapore for further international exposure. He developed his communication and get access to various dimensions, a variety of Yogas. He polished him very well and be International level, Yoga Guru. Ganesh Gochhikarji has students all over the world
He has been working as yoga Instructor for various fitness companies. He has 10+ years of Teaching experience (25+ years of practising experience)as Instructor in Yoga .which includes in foreign countries namely Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
Currently, He did Talk Shows in various Leading Odia News  Channels i.e 
Zee Kalinga, News 7, and News World Odisha, News 18, And Kalinga Tv, Kanak News, City plus. in Odisha.
Currently, his programme “Sustha Sakal” (Wellness & Fitness Programme) is being broadcasted by News World Odisha Channel, show Timing (Morn:-06.30 AM to 07.00 AM). Apart from that his articles on
“YOGA” is being published in leading Print Media i.e in Sambad newspaper and Prameya newspaper.
The vision to make this world a better place by giving importance and space to mental health and physical development inspires us to do more. 
We believe every individual need to look after it’s self-betterment while working hard for achieving dreams and aiming more. And we would love to support them in doing so. The significance and its value will be given only by the right person. Our value isn’t same in front of everyone, we need to explore to find what we deserve instead of settling for less but what if you discover a way for add on more to your success while being at a peaceful state of mind which is indeed rarely seen in the world outside right now. We aim at bringing the change. Change for good.

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